The Dancing

The body and soul just met the rhythm

Perfectly fit and sold by the ambiance

They danced endlessly

Created some notice from the surroundings


Clapped their shoes on the pavement

They held hands and smiled at each other

Romanticized the nuances even more



The Vessel

I like the feeling I get every time I hop on a train. As I sit by the big window, I see the scenery changing rapidly outside. So fast, it almost hypnotized me somehow. The quietness, the subtle shake, complete my fleeting journey. Though many times I have crossed the same railway, I always perplexed by the things I found outside.

There is no short distance spent on the journey by train. The train always got me a far place to go, a reunion to visit, and an acquaintance to meet. And for myself, this journey itself is the reward.

I always remember the scene in one of my favorite but creepy animation movie, where the girl, together with two of her ghost friend, took a risky trip by train, moving across the ocean. The girl has lost her both parents and would ask for a cure for the sick friend of her. Riding that train, hoping for the better.


And me too. Could train be my only way to get away from the current to the later? Could I just move forward everything rapidly as the changing scenery outside the window?

Of course, I can’t, but the ephemeral moment could be lived for a while.

Outside the Window

The morning light, shades through the curtain, has woken me up that Saturday. “It’s a brand-new day”, my whisper to no one. It’s unnecessarily bright for a 5 o’clock. The room was evenly dark before as I did not let any single lamp emit its radiance. But as I woke up this day, the room was stroke by the magnificent sunlight. Bedazzled me from my sleepy mood. Made me ready to start kicking up my day.

In front of me was a giant window. It allowed me to see through the readily existed scenery outside. I was never liking the tall standing building next to my door which interferes the portion my morning sky. The summer has made the sky looks like a crystal blue, with some white and bubbly cloud embellished its serenity.

I stood there only for a couple of minutes. Realizing that the weather has fully transformed again for couple times already. “Someday, maybe I will miss this”. And now I currently am.